DA: Black Boy is a A Predator

Today, a Manhattan prosecutor called a 17 year old kid a “predator” in court.  The kid was accused of standing by while his 16 year old friend stole a man’s phone on the subway.  The prosecutor the told the judge that the kid deserves a criminal record for the rest of his life, as well as 3 – 6 years in state prison.  A Predator.  This young man had family in court supporting him.  His dad works full time, and listened to the proceedings through the assistance of an English/Spanish translation device.  The young man was a senior in high school.  He has never been in any kind of trouble before.  He was taking the subway to his part-time job at a recycling plant in New Jersey.  A predator.  Deserving of 3 – 6 years in prison.  17 years old.

Remarks like this cut me to the core.  The prosecutor sees nothing of that boy but a case file.  He is not a kid.  He is not a teenager.  He is not a high school student.   The DA sees him as a violent being who deserves a cage.  Barely human…. A Predator.